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Charitable Case Studies

Exam Central Case Studies

Four Dwellings Univeristy Masterclasses

January 2012 - June 2012
Projects Aim (s):

To introduce pupils to the benefits of attending university. To introduce students to potential career paths which they may not have considered previously. To provide pupils with support in writing their CV

Project Structure:

As a charity, we were fortunate enough to draw upon experience from many sectors to help with the delivery of this project. Sessions were delivered to 25 Y11 students covering careers in: Law, music, fashion, medicine and business. Careers experts were able to support children with their CV’s and interview skills.

Project Outcome:

All students finished the course with a complete and up-to-date CV which they could use to help them gain future employment. Some of the pupils had been inspired to pursue higher education and others had enjoyed the opportunity to learn about possible career paths.

Exam Central Case Studies

Lordswood Boys Leadership Hub

September 2012 - present
Project Aim(s):

To recruit and train a team of 6th formers who would become leaders and deliverers of projects within Lordswood Boys School.

Project Structure:

A group of 8 sixth formers were put through a 15 week training programme to enhance their confidence, communication, leadership, planning and team work skills. They were then supported as they designed and delivered projects which would benefit other students within their school (eg sports camps and music performances).

Project Outcomes:

An active leadership hub based at Lordswood boys school. A group of more confident and enabled young people who have the desire and skills to have an impact on local society.