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Track Record

I have used exam central for my older son and was brilliant and so continue to use for my younger son. The tutors have been great at building Prems confidence with Maths and showing him a variety of techniques to aid Prems grasp of the topic. Thank you!

Good rapport with Max. Happy to tailor-make the sessions to his individual needs which is very important. Flexible and adaptable on a weekly basis and tutors worked late when necessary and close to exams. I would highly recommend your service

Fantastic tutors, listened to child’s needs,delivered teaching in a easy to understand manner, great rapport with child. Very pleased.

Good raport with Matthew so his confidence is buildt up. Matthew looks forward to his lessons. Friendly approachable, flexible, professional. No negatives.

Exam Central found exactly the right tutor tailored to my needs.

Individualised teaching. Time maintenance. Just keep it the same way

We would just like to let you know that we were very happy with Jennifer. Timo found her very helpful and he now feels well prepared for the big exam.